Why Should We Visit Buddhist Country

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I am sure that you’ve heard about Buddhism, a religion based on the teachings of “the Buddha”. Many people would agree that Buddhism is one of the noblest and most neutral religions. In fact, it’s more of a life philosophy, than a religion. Buddhism is much more than closing your eyes and repeating “Om” for the countless number of times.

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Photo – Pixabay

Buddhists have an atheistic cosmology and the materialistic philosophy of the spirit. This means that they believe the space is eternal, not originated; in constant motion and that there is no “God”. On the other hand a human subject is only a temporary unit of different material and spiritual elements that are perishable and temporary. There is no soul, subject, self or consciousness, there is no ” I “. For Buddhists, spirit is only a verb rather than a noun. Just a metaphor of activities and events and it doesn’t signify something stable, unchangeable, and “really existent”.


These are fundamental doctrines accepted by Mahayana and Theravada , the two main schools of Buddhism. Theravada Buddhism is mostly practiced in Southeast Asia, in countries such as: Sri Lanka, Burma, Laos, Cambodia and also in of the most visited and most beautiful countries in the world – Thailand.   If you are curious about Theravada Buddhism, the best way to learn more about it and to fully experience it, is by visiting some of the countries that practice Buddhism. Visiting Buddhist countries will give you an amazing insight into the influence that this religion has had on this people. Thailand is a country where 95% of the people practice Theravada Buddhism and it is the official religion of the country.

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Religious tolerance in Thailand is guaranteed by the Constitution. Buddhism is a merciful and tolerant religion, and with that being said, Thai people have high respect of other people’s religious beliefs and they are open for discussion about Buddhist values, with the visitors.    Also, there are numerous possibilities for visiting many of the Buddhist temples and learning more about Buddhism or even meditation. The religion permeates many aspects of life in Thailand, making the monks deeply respected, and seeing their images hanging on the walls of companies, houses or in taxi vehicles is very common. Buddhist holidays are celebrated regularly during the entire year (especially in the days of full moon), and that’s when many Thai people visit the temples to honor Buddha and give charity to the monks, in order to gain credits. If you are desirous of visiting Thailand during Buddhist holidays, you will absolutely get a unique and unforgettable experience. You’ll be able to learn more about meditation, one of Buddhism’s primary practices for introspection in order of recognition of our individual desires and the relief of suffering.