Why Should We Visit Buddhist Country

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Tourists, and visitors can learn about the basics of this practice in a certain number of temples all around the Kingdom. You should visit temples in Chang Mai, where you can get the unique opportunity of talking to the monks and get the basic knowledge of Buddhism or even study it much more deeper. The most famous temple in Chang Mai is Wat Prathat Doi Suthep and the oldest temple is Wat Chiang Man. However, when visiting temples, there are a few simple rules that must be followed. You should take off your shoes when entering the temple and leave it in front of the entrance. You should be properly dressed, which means you should be wearing shirts with preferably long sleeves, long skirts and pants. If you wish to sit, you’ll need to make sure your feet don’t face Buddha. And finally, with Buddhist Monks not being allowed to touch a woman, you should avoid making accidental contact.

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Even tough Theravada Buddhism can technically be considered more of a philosophy than a religion ( There is no “God”), Thai Buddhism is permeated with many spiritual beliefs that are influenced by Animistic and Hindu beliefs from the past centuries. Thai Monks are often being invited into new companies and households to “give them their blessings”, and you will often see Thai people praying in front of Buddha’s statues and statues of many other Hinduistic Gods.   Aside from getting a once in a lifetime spiritual experience and learning a lot about the religion, a trip to this beautiful Buddhist country has much more to offer. Discover the charms of Thailand and make sure why everyone who once visited it, kept on coming back.

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