You Should Never Think of Getting a Tattoo on these 7 parts of your body. Here’s The Reason!

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In recent times, getting a tattoo has become extremely popular. Studies have shown that around 43% of the people get a tattoo in order to show their love and honor to someone. While 37% of the people get a tattoo to represent a style.

However, doctors and the tattoo artists suggest a few of the body parts on which you must never think of getting a tattoo. In order to get a tattoo, you need to understand that a few parts of your body are extremely sensitive and might not be able to cope with the tattoo. Plus, a few of the body parts cannot hold onto a tattoo due to several reasons.

Doctors suggest that there are 7 parts of your body on which you should not get a tattoo. If you want yourself to be healthy after tattooing yourself and want your tattoo to look good, then you must keep on reading!

Let’s have a look as to why the doctors and the tattoo artists have refrained us from getting a tattoo on these 7 body parts. So, here we begin!


The tattoo artists are clearly not in the interest of inking you on your elbows. The first and foremost reason to skip this part for tattooing is that elbows find it really hard to hold onto the ink. The ink does not stay on the elbow and it is a huge struggle for the tattoo artist to create a tattoo on this very body part.

Plus, the skin around the elbow is very thick and requires a lot of knocks and bumps (Knocks and Bumps refer to the terminology that depicts the needlework of the tattoo artists). So, the tattoo artist will have to spend a lot of time, creating a tattoo on the elbows. Apart from that, extra needlework would also be applied, making you pain even more.

The artists have also mentioned that if you do not regularly moisturize your elbows, chances are quite bright that your tattoo might fade away in the coming time.


The armpits are considered to be the most painful place to get a tattoo on. The tattoo artists always indicate to avoid getting a tattoo on your armpits because the process would be extremely anguishing.

Behind the knees

The space behind your knees is very sensitive. Plus, there are quite a few nerve endings present over here. So, whenever the tattoo artist is going to apply a knock or a bump over this part, you might not be able to handle it.

Hands and Fingers

You might think that these are the actual places to get a tattoo on. But, you are wrong! Our hands are always exposed to the climate. So, sun exposure plays a huge part in fainting the effects of a tattoo. So, the tattoo artists would not recommend you to have a tattoo on your hands. It might be said that tattoos heal faster on fingers. But, our fingers are also very prone to sun exposure. Thus, the tattoo might fade away, wasting all our efforts and money.

Rib Cage

You might look really appealing and sexy as you get a tattoo on your rib cage. But, the pain of it could become really unbearable. The tattoo artists say that your rib cage is a second place after the armpits on which you actually feel a lot of throbbing and soreness. Also, if you are a woman, then you have to understand that getting a tattoo over here would be highly crucial for you. It would take several days to heal. Plus, if you are wearing a bra all the time, then your skin will be irritated, making you regret the decision.


The tattoo artists themselves never endorse to create a tattoo on your face due to a number of reasons. First of all, our face is extremely sensitive and there are a number of nerve endings in this region. So, if anything goes wrong, the blame has to be on the tattoo artists. Thus, they go ahead only by taking your consent so that there are no blame games involved.

Apart from that, the tattoos that are created on the face are very momentary as compared to the other parts on which you get a tattoo. Tattoos on the face are guaranteed for 2-3 years and not more than that. Plus, you need to take good care of your face and ensure to apply sunscreen every day for it last for a long period of time.

Ankles and Shins

Last but not the least, our ankles and shins are also prohibited as we plan to get a tattoo. The main reason for neglecting these parts of your body while getting a tattoo is to make sure that your tattoo lasts long and does not fade away. Ankles and shins are mostly covered with socks and shoes. Thus, the parts get easily rubbed by us, diminishing the tattoo over a period of time.

Also, if you are willing to get some nice colors tattooed on your ankles and shins then forget about it! Because over a course of time, the tattoo will lose its color. Apart from that, ankles and shins are those areas where you would feel a lot of agony and discomfort. The pain will remain there for quite a lot of time. So, think wisely before you get a tattoo on your body.


So, here we have come to an end of the blog that guided you about the body parts on which you must never think of getting a tattoo. Your efforts, your time, your energy and most of all your money would go down the drain if you persisted on getting a tattoo on the above-mentioned body parts. Plus, you must check out the tattoo pain chart before opting for a tattoo.